Project: Phase 1, Presentation

You will present your project in class on November 7.  Your presentation will be 10 minutes long, in addition to 5-10 minutes of questions/discussion. You can use whatever supporting materials you would like to use: PowerPoint, boards, the white board, etc.

In your presentation you should:

1. State the larger urban problem/challenge that your project responds to.

2. State why your project addresses this challenge.

3. Explain how your project works.

  • Present a concept diagram of your project. What are your inputs (sensed data)? What are your outputs (responses to the sensed data)?
  • Present a more detailed parts diagram of your project. What hardware will you need? If there are points in the diagram where you’re not decided on the hardware, create a list of choices. For all hardware, include costs.

4. Discuss any additional design or technical questions your team is wrestling with.

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