How to use Leap Motion create vectors


In this tutorial, you will be able to use  Leap Motion sensor to create vectors. This tutorial shows capability to our “Wind [Motion] Chime” setup which is use Leap Motion to control the Wind Chime move up and down and make sounds.

Tutorial Parts List:

  • Arduino UNO (1)
  • Leap Motion (1)

Step 1

Go to website:


Download “the Leap Motion Controller

Install Leap Motion Controller


Step 2

Go to website:


Download library “LeapMotionP5 archive v0.5

Install the library



Step 3

Processing Code

Go to the “File” menu –> Examples drop down, you should be able to see the names of the new library that you’ve just installed. Find out “active_fingers”, and open up.



Copy the code

import com.onformative.leap.LeapMotionP5;

import com.leapmotion.leap.Finger;

to the very front of the new sketch


In the “active_fingers” example, Leap Motion could sense 5 fingers’ movement and draw ellipse.

In the new processing code, we use Leap Motion to create vectors.



Here’s the Sketch for the example: active_finger:


Here’s the Sketch for the “Leap Motion Wave”:






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